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Welcome To Rockledge Little League

Closing Day is May 25th @ 6:30pm, Simmons Field.

      2017- 2018 Board of Directors Election            

The election for the 2017-2018 Rockledge Little League Board of Directors will be Thursday, May 25th, 6pm - 6:30pm at Simmons Field, prior to Closing Day Ceremonies.  The purpose of this election is to elect officers for the 2018 season. In order to be eligible to vote you must fill out the form below. The application is to be submitted no later than Thursday, May 18th. The New Board of directors will take office October 1, 2017. Please email form to Kelly Caceres @

* If you would like to be on the 2018 Board of Directors please contact Kelly Caceres. 321-794-8874  

      **      Voting Membership Application Form         **


                               Managers / Coaches

All Managers and Coaches must complete this training course and print out the certificate to turn in with Coaches Application: 

Click on Launch the HEADS UP course on the rights side of the website. At the end of the training print your certificate.        

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                               Click here for: Directions to all District 22 fields